Japan Earthquake

A magnitude 9 earthquake and associated tsunami on March 11 2011 caused huge damages in the northeastern parts of Japan. Very Large aftershocks are continuously felt in the capital city Tokyo leaving most train and bus services non-operational. This was one of the greatest disasters to strike Japan. More than 26,000 people are dead or missing and 400,000 people are now surviving in rescue camps. Restoration process will take several years while the earthquake/tsunami survivors face the greatest tragedy of their lives.


Odisha Community Japan (OCJ)* feels the pain of the survivors at this difficult moment and conveys its deepest condolences to the families who lost their near and dear ones. It is a rare moment for the community to show our solidarity with the Japanese community and to do our best to reduce the pains of the affected families and their relatives.



With great pain and urgency we appeal to all OCJ members and their friends to come forward and donate to OCJ's relief fund. The total contribution collected through the relief fund will be handed over to an official agency with a proper official record.  In addition,  all contributions together with the names of contributors will be published on this site to keep the process transparent. For the bank information and other details please use the CONTACT US FORM here. We appreciate your kind gestures to stand together with the affected.